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Saturday, August 13, 2011

Countdown to Vacation

Starting the day off right with Whole Wheat Waffles
This morning was a great way to start the weekend! In hindsight, sunscreen would have been a good idea. Oh well, I haven't had a good sunburn in years!

We walked to Oakland's Laurel Street fair. I wasn't sure what it would be like but I wanted to support the local community. It turned out to be pretty fun (not too big but lots of good food) and the sunniest day we've had in awhile!

Preschool update: we found out Anellah can't be excluded from public preschool based on the preschool not wanting to take cate of her diabetes (it's a violation of the Americans with Disabilities Act) so we submit a letter outlining exactly what care she will need at preschool and referenced ADA. The more we researched, the more we felt like we're completely justified in what we seek and it can't legally be denied to her.

Adoption Update: None

Cranial surgery update: Initial appointment to meet the doctors is scheduled for 9/1/11. The more we research online the more nervous we get about what may be involved with the surgery. Praying we'll be pleasantly surprised with what the doctors have to say!

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

A new week!

Last week started rough with finding out about preschool and Anellah's probably surgery. I had hoped Monday would be the roughest day. But I guess this is a trying time and we will only be stronger in the end!
Despite her crazy amount of "setbacks" Anellah continues to power through growing and learning!

Last week went from a sad Monday to a busy Tuesday/Wednesday to a night in the ICU Wednesday night, back to work Thursday, and a doctor's appointment on Friday! The weekend was fine (just Anellah and I around since Daddy was at work) but today as I was trying to catch up on phone calls, scheduling, getting things in order, I called Head Start since I hadn't received any additional word from them and was waiting on a letter they said they were planning to send. When I talked to the Head Start director she sounded like it wasn't going to be an option for them to provide for Anellah's needs because of the liability. She requested that I write a letter outlining exactly what we are requesting as far as her care. Yet another thing to do and another mountain to scale (they're starting to feel like mountains rather than speed bumps).
Trying to stay entertained in the Emergency Room

Anellah didn't mind the hospital (once the IV was in) because she got LOTS of attention.

What Anellah has always needed is a "normal" home, which she received with us, and a "normal" childhood which we try to give her as much as possible. It is so frustrating that she may be denied what she needs most right now (a preschool with lots of other kids) based on the very things that have already set her back so far!
I forgot how tasty and fun "toad in a hole" is, loving our fresh eggs!

Anellah is a huge fan of "star bread" now
Thank you for continuing to pray with me that I will have strength and organization to do all that needs to be done and that Anellah will be able to receive exactly what she needs both medically and educationally.

On the bright side- as far as we know, everything seems healthy with our baby BOY we look forward to meeting in January. Also, Anellah is learning and growing against all odds! She transitioned to a toddler bed this week and has only fallen out a couple times! She has quick recoveries and once even just settled herself down on the floor.

Monday, August 1, 2011

AAP Update and Possible Surgery

I planned to blog last Monday since we had a meeting with our social workers and an adoption worker from San Francisco County. Of course, the week got away from me so here I am. We had good news last week, San Francisco County is waiting on approval from the State of California for a new budget proposal. The proposal would change the AAP rate system in a couple different ways. The short story is that they would then offer us a monthly amount much closer to what we are currently receiving from foster care. It would mean that we wouldn't have to go to court to fight for these rates and once the proposal passes it could be just a matter of months before the adoption is complete! The new budget matter is expected to pass sometime in August.

I also met with Headstart last Monday and it seemed like everything was a "go" for her to start preschool at Headstart in September. In case you're not from California, Headstart is a federally-funded preschool program for low income kiddos. Anellah qualifies because she is in foster care. I set up two times to come back to Headstart for diabetes training.

Today the news isn't quite as exciting except that everything is still looking good related to adoption- yay!

Headstart called and said they may not be able to meet Anellah's medical needs and are re-considering how safe it is for her to attend Headstart. I think in the end she will still go to Headstart but it means a lot more work on my part and a delay in the process. In addition to training the staff I have to bring a letter from Headstart to Anellah's doctors and make sure that they feel it is safe enough for her to attend. It may also mean that in the event her head teacher is not at school she will not be able to attend Headstart on those days. Kind of a bummer.

Also, Anellah had a consultation with neurosurgery this afternoon because she has an unusual head shape. At first everything looked great and we were told we may never have to return. But when the results of her x-ray came back I received a phone call stating that one of her cranial sutures had fused prematurely and therefore her brain was being restricted from growth. She will likely have to have cranial surgery in the next few months. It's not the surgery itself that is so upsetting to me. It is the fact that there is constantly something new and constantly a new medical issue to treat, monitor, and wonder about the prognosis.

There has been at least one point each day this past week where Daniel and I just look at each other in wonder and think, "Anellah is such a GOOD kid." She is so easy-going, she is so sweet, she is so FUN. I definitely think God gave her this temperament to get through all the other issues she has to deal with in life. I am thankful for her temperament and for all the ways she is learning and growing and am praying that this turns out to be just a little bump in the road.