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Tuesday, June 20, 2017

#RoyalHouseBuild June 2017

Building is fun for the kids, they love to help!
Yes, I've left you hanging. I've heard the questions, "how's your house coming along?" It is coming. Slowly but surely, it is coming. Did you realize how many steps there are to building a house?? I thought I did, but I was wrong. The longest step is the waiting. The waiting for permits which took years, then the waiting for the weather to be right, then the waiting for subcontractors to be available...and waiting for them to show up...and waiting for an opening in the next subcontractor's schedule because the last one took too long. I've decided it's best if I know very little about the process of who is supposed to show up when and why this isn't installed yet and how much longer it is all going to take. We'll stay in our cozy double-wide, soon to be a half-dozen people, packed in a tad bit like sardines, but happy. And laughing, and excited for the adventure of moving to our new home in...not June anymore...probably not July...maybe August??
Siding was a pretty exciting step!

The siders took their lunch seriously, BYOM!
Testing toilet seats, not quite as exciting

Insulation, again, not so exciting, but it does give the illusion of walls!
Yes, now our rooms will be quieter!
We've gotten our money's worth out of our little trailer! 

The artwork that is about to be covered.

Daniel removed a window for the sheetrock delivery
Sheetrock means we have real rooms!!