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Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Getting Closer

Packing is like parenting, you spend all day doing so much and at the end of the day there's so much left to do! Does anyone else feel like your possessions multiple when you're trying to pack them? Somehow that small closet is like Mary Poppin's purse, you're so close to having it empty for so long it seems it will never be complete. Let's not mention the kids' bedroom!!

A common answer around here is, "I packed them." For example, "Mommy, where are the colored pencils?" "I packed them." "Mommy, where is my purple hairbow?" "I packed it." "Mommy, where are my snow boots?" "I packed them." Who thinks of snow boots when the daytime high hasn't been below 80 degrees in weeks??? I think it's just a game to see how many things they can think of that I may have packed already. Even leaving their favorite toys to pack until last, I've been busted quite a few times packing something that they "really really really wanted to play with today!" 

So I am plugging away, getting a few things in a box while the baby naps and the big kids are busy with the toys I haven't packed or watching a show on Netflix. And hoping the house will be ready to pass temporary occupancy inspection in time...

Two months before we moved from Oakland I posted this photo. I think it's time for another!

In case you can't read it:

  • Birth of Baby -60
  • Finish New House 2 days
  • Move to New House 3 days
  • Start Kindergarten 7 days
  • Start AWANA 8 days
  • Return to work from maternity leave 12 days
  • Avoid Big Changes For... 365 days

As the kids say, "it's actually turning in to a real house!" Thanks to the timeline crunch, there's almost been more progress made on the house this week than in the entire past year! Instead of just feeling stressful, the season is getting exciting!!

Sunday, August 6, 2017

Full Speed Ahead!

I gave up on not starting projects while waiting for baby
A month has flown by...a month since our family became "Royal, party of 6"...and another week flew by between when I started this post and tonight, when I plan to finish it...I know life only seems to speed up but I have a feeling this is an especially accelerated season.

To back up a bit: Waiting for baby brother felt long. The kids knew he was coming in June so every day beginning on June 1st I'd hear some sweet and excited voice inquire, "Will baby brother come today?" Since I was thoroughly convinced he would be early, I kept answering with enthusiasm, "Maybe!" But then his due date came and went, and they started to doubt he'd ever come; I was about to join them. Finally, 9 days after he was due and one day before he would have been evicted via induction, I woke up with contractions as I had nightly for over a month. But this time, for the first time, they didn't fade away!

Minutes old, before the midwife pinched him to make him cry and pink up!
We welcomed beautiful Burns Louis into our family on June 30th, he almost made a liar out of me as I'd told the kids he'd arrive in June. This guy has been keeping us on our toes since the day I realized I was pregnant so I should have expected nothing less!

Beginning that morning, life has just picked up speed! Having a newborn in the house is magical and precious and seeing big siblings interact with their baby brother is even sweeter.
We've been trying to savor this time. Daniel took a week off work and then a couple days each week for 2 weeks. The kids and I went to my parents' cabin near Spokane with Daniel's Mom, his sister, and her kids. We had a blast! When we returned home we were shocked when our landlord let us know that she had someone waiting to move in to our current home and we would need to be out by the end of August.
Pool Time with cousins
That news set us into a frenzy! There was no way our house would be ready considering all the delays but perhaps we could at least get it ready enough to move our possessions in! Daniel has spent almost all of his waking time either at work or working on our house. I've spent all of mine either nursing a baby, driving to pick up flooring/plumbing parts/etc., packing boxes, or loving and caring for our 4 sweet kids. We've even enlisted the help of "the bigs"! This afternoon was spent with a "kids list" in Sophia's pocket that she was in charge of reading to the other two. They had jobs and we had jobs. There was a bit of griping, and some tears from a tired Evelyn, but we weren't going to leave until everyone was done with their job. Between Sophia's reading and scrap wood-moving, Capper's ATV driving/hauling/debris pick up, Evelyn's babysitting/dog-sitting/odd jobs, Daniel's mailbox installing/trim moving/sweeping, and my general site-clean-up we got the house ready for this week's work which includes interior painting and countertop templating (not done by us, thank goodness!) It's not exactly what we had planned for maternity leave but I am so thankful to be on maternity leave. And considering we moved from California to Washington when Daniel didn't even have a "for sure" job and Evelyn was 5 weeks old, this should be easy right??

It's an exciting and exhausting season. I was very disappointed when I realized I had to cancel our annual Mom and Kids camping trip for the first time in 6 years but it was the right decision. There's just too much happening in life right fruit ripening and a need to obey the Royal Urge to pick and process it!!

And with that, I'll let the jam set and finish typing because I hear the baby crying, goodnight!
Also this lady turned 3 last weekend
Fancied up for a birthday shopping trip!