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Monday, December 19, 2011

Countdown and Cookies

It's getting close, close to Christmas, close to the end of the year, and close to Christmas. Scorpion Tornado is now considered full term which means he could come any day. According to my doctor we probably still have a couple weeks which is good news because we're in no hurry to have our hands more full!!

I'm trying to focus on enjoying this extra time with just the three of us but I am pretty good at distracting myself from what really matters- the present. Nevertheless, I think just an awareness of how precious these moments are is a start. Today Anellah and I tried to potty train, it felt like a failure of a day but in reality it meant we spent A LOT of time together and she enjoyed it because I was almost 100% focused on her all day. Daniel and I have also been going on lots of lunch dates on his days off which are fun and special since it won't be so easy to be spontaneous in a few weeks.
Yesterday we had fun with our friends Lindsay (my friend from growing up in Fall City) and her daughter, Katy. We made over 300 cookies to give away and just had a good time being together. If you want some cookies feel free to stop by!!

In case I don't post again before then, Merry Christmas every one! 

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Childcare Approved!!

I received the following email from Anellah's social worker today, 

Hi Lindsey -

Just got word yesterday that the childcare funding was approved again!   Why can't anything so right be so easy!!  We'll resubmit the paperwork today.

I read it three times before believing it. So simple? I only made phone calls, I didn't write letters or go to court. Thank you, God!

In other praise: 

Anellah is loving preschool! We went again today for about an hour and tomorrow she'll go to two hours (one hour with me and one hour alone). Tuesday she will be there for three hours (one hour with me, two hours alone). The location is very set on a SLOW transition time but I think that may be more for their staff than for Anellah. Regardless, she'll do great.

Anellah is also really working on her speaking skills! Yesterday she said, "Moon! Moon! I SEE Moon!" Here's a photo of her at speech therapy this morning. It looks like hard work doesn't it?

In Baby News: Last night we went to visit the Birth Center at Alta Bates where we'll be having Scorpion Tornado (ie. Baby). It made things really real!