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Monday, April 22, 2013

Love the Way They Love Each Other

What a privilege to parent siblings! I'm sure 10 years from now there will be days when I feel otherwise but today I am relishing the love Anellah and Capper have for each other.

Sometimes it's not entirely constructive but sweet nonetheless. For the past week Capper has not been wanting to fall asleep in the evenings and will either provoke Anellah by playing peek-a-boo at her from his crib or babble in their room long past bedtime. Eventually he will start to cry and Anellah hates to see him cry so she will end up getting in trouble for bouncing around on her bed or running over to his crib to play games with him and make him laugh. It's made for some late nights for both of them  frustrating times for Daniel and I, but it's hard to be too upset about!

Today was really sweet. Both kids had check ups and both kids got shots. In addition, Capper had to have his blood drawn. Anellah asked over and over again if she could go first so that Capper wouldn't be scared. When Capper was having his blood drawn Anellah tried to distract and tickle him (not entirely helpful for the nurse). He screamed and cried as the poke took a LONG time to get very much blood. It was quickly evidently that Capper needed a second poke to get more blood so Anellah started singing, "Jesus loves me" and wiped Capper's tears. Capper didn't make a peep at all during the second poke as Anellah just kept singing sweetly to him the whole time.
Sad and exhausted Capper just before he fell asleep in the car on the way home from the doctor

I tried to post a video of the kiddos playing together to go with this but it's not working. Maybe Daniel can help me later. Stay tuned!

Sunday, April 21, 2013

Can we back up a little?

I'm a little behind on the blog but we've been busy living life with a big four year old and busy one year old.

Anellah is four! That's right, she turned four last month and is quite a big girl! She checks her blood sugar by herself (yep, that includes poking herself to draw blood); goes potty by herself (usually); and is really developing her concept of time. She is very interested in clocks and calendars, at this point she knows we're going to Disneyland in June which is a different month than we are in right now.

Speaking of June, we're gearing up for summer, making a list of things we want to do. If anyone has suggestions we'd love to try them. In preparation for summer fun she and I had a camp-out in the yard last night. She was such a big girl that she asked to go outside at 7:00pm before I was ready to go to bed. She became a caterpillar and got right in her cocoon (aka sleeping bag), she was asleep almost immediately! When she awoke this morning she was a beautiful butterfly and flew inside for some nectar breakfast.

Capper is busy busy busy, he walks around and climbs on everything. If we don't watch closely he'll let himself outside and sometimes out the gate in the yard! He absolutely LOVES being outside so we're thankful that we live in beautiful Oakland where the weather is always nice. Capper is very good at getting what he wants whether it's by using sign language, sounds, or leading us to his desired destination. He is constantly finding our shoes and trying to put them on our feet so that we will take him outside. When in the garage he crawls up into the jogging stroller and announces, "Go!"

The last few weeks have been tiring between work, kids, and dealing with Daniel's car being totaled recently but we're trying to remember we only get to live this season once. I find it hard not to compare myself to other Moms who seem to do a better job juggling life, being fun, or having a clean house. So my current focus is to learn to be "content in all circumstances."

Oh! Gotta go, Capper is climbing on the kids' rocking chair, standing up, and dancing. This might go bad quickly.

Easter in Lindsay

The best we could get...