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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Savor Every Moment

Sorry about the strange photo layout, I couldn't get the photos where I wanted them!

How is it possible that our little boy is already a month and a half old? I'm trying to focus on the present and enjoy this time but it's just flying by so quickly! Part of me feels like his birth was an eternity ago but part of me feels like yesterday was the day I started maternity leave. Honestly I'm a bit sad that the pregnancy is over, I didn't expect that, but I am happy to have two cute kids in the home and am learning how to be a better Mom every day!
I guess it's time to retire this shirt : (

Anellah is starting to enjoy her "big sister" role more as opposed to wanting to be a baby too. It's hard to remember to let her "help" with caring for Capper but when she gets the opportunity it makes her really happy. We likes to rock his carseat, give him hugs and kisses, and give him his pacifier. I've even made a few bottles and let her help feed him. That's a special treat!
Helping to feed!

She loves playing with baby brother
Although she likes Capper a lot evidently she told one of the teachers at her preschool that the baby just says "Waa, waa, waa" (crying) all the time! Capper does seem to cry a lot but he's also cooing and experimenting with other noises. The past few days he's been smiling back at us when we smile at him which is amazing!
A tiny smile, really he can do better!

Anellah's birthday is coming up QUICKLY (March 11th). Turning three will be another transition for us- her Regional Center services will stop meaning she will no longer see the physical therapist that she's been spending an hour/week with for the past year and a half. She will also stop receiving speech therapy weekly. We are meeting with the school district on Monday and hopefully they will see the definite need for physical therapy but I'm not entirely optimistic that they will be willing to offer anything. 

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Experiencing "Life as Usual"

We have been very blessed to have so much of our family visit us in Capper's first month of life. We have enjoyed their company and their help with cooking, cleaning, holding the baby, and bouncing infant-parenting ideas off of.
Aunt Kelsey and Cousin Jacob
Aunt JoJo (Joanna)

Enjoying watching some of Josh's favorite musicians on YouTube
After over 5 weeks of almost continuous guests (some overlapping!) we are ready to find out what "life as usual" feels like. Since Monday was our first day, and since it was a wet and dreary day, we celebrated by staying home and having family time. It included eating breakfast together, playing outside in the rain, making carrot juice for snack, and having movie night while eating dinner and popcorn.

Actually, Anellah pretty much made the juice by herself
I just helped to cut the carrots into manageable pieces

Friday, February 3, 2012

We Have A Date!

I was on Pinterest the other night holding Capper while the rest of the world slept and I came across a photo whose caption described the photo as displaying the, "Vulnerability and fierce proudness felt in those early days of motherhood." It really seemed to capture the essence of our home right now, and to a lesser extent, our home ever since deciding to adopt Anellah. We love our kids and are so proud to call them (and soon be able to call them) our own but how daunting the task of raising them! It's truly by God's grace that we've not only survived but Anellah has flourished. So far Capper is doing pretty well too!

But here's the news you really checked the blog to hear: Anellah's last foster care court hearing occurred today, by the end of the month Anellah's case will be transferred to the San Francisco County Adoptions Unit! The next court date is set for August 6th. As long as there are no hang-ups between now and then (and none of us see anything being an issue) then on August 6th Anellah will officially become a Royal!!!!!!!!!!!! We'll start the party planning now, who wouldn't want to have a dance party with this kid?