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Tuesday, December 18, 2012

A little of this

Winter Break has started a bit early around here thanks to a cold that's been going around. I kept Anellah home from school yesterday and today. She might go back tomorrow and will definitely be back at least one day this week but it's been fun to have extra time together and think about all that has happened in 2012.

Last year we were doing this.
A complete puzzle with no baby to tear it apart!
This year there is a lot of this....
Contain the kids in a box?
...and this.
But while Capper does this,
Loves his blankie!

Anellah still has some uninterrupted time to do this...
"Mommy, I need to do some homework."
...and sometimes Capper even helps.
"Here Capper, I teach you...I am teacher Kelly"

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

What will you learn today?

This morning as Anellah was getting ready for school she asked me, "What will you learn today, Mommy?" I've been thinking about her question all morning. I think my answer is that I'm working on learning more about how to be obedient and celebrate Christ in my day to day life. The past month or so I've been thinking about how to make life meaningful rather than just trying to get through it. During this season there is so much to celebrate and this year the true reason of why we celebrate is at the forefront of my mind as it is the first year that Anellah will be able to have some understanding of Baby Jesus and his birth. In order to help teach her about Christmas I decided our "Advent Calendar" would be in the form of little gifts. I bought the Little People Nativity Scene and wrapped each piece individually. There weren't quite 24 pieces so I added a few extra animals.

The kids have enjoyed playing with each of them, it's fun to have something interactive and the pieces have helped to give us a starting point in telling Anellah different pieces of the Christmas story.

So today I am thankful that Christ came to earth. I am thankful for tasking Daniel and I with the job of being parents. I am learning about how to be thankful and how to live out what Christ has called me to do in this season of life. What will you learn today?