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Sunday, July 14, 2013

Moms and Kids Camping Trip 2013, A Success Story

A few months ago a friend and I were talking about camping and had an idea, "Hey, why don't we plan a Moms and Kids camping trip since it's too difficult to find a weekend that we're both available." Since she is a stay at home Mom and I am a mostly stay at home Mom, we knew we could plan it during the week.

One thing led to the next and we found ourselves last Wednesday in beautiful Lagunitas at Samuel P Taylor Campground with a total of 6 Moms and 12 children. It was only about an hour away but felt like a different world so it was perfect, I highly recommend this campground if you live in the Bay Area! We had reserved 3 out of 4 sites in a section of the campground and were a bit worried about who would take the last spot. We hoped we wouldn't drive them crazy! It turns out that God had already planned our neighbors because a couple with two boys showed up and immediately let our kids play with their toys. They were wonderful to have close by, we later found out that they were hoping to have a campsite with other children nearby for their kids to play with so their wishes were answered!

The whole group
We enjoyed letting our kids get dirty, eating camp food, sitting around the campfire, playing at the swimming hole, and just plain fellowshipping with friends. We are thankful for an opportunity to enjoy God's beautiful creation and thankful that nobody got hurt or sick (that is a miracle in and of itself!)

Setting Up Camp
Tent Fun!


Burned Birthday Cake I made for two Moms who celebrated birthdays while we were camping

Our youngest member

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