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Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Thank you, Lord, for this exhausting life. - Amen

It's 7:21 and I sprawled out here 10 minutes ago after getting the kids to bed. They're far from asleep, I can hear them laughing and bouncing on their beds, but they are in their room and they will stay there until morning. As I left their giggling voices I mused, "How can I be so exhausted by 7:00pm while they are so full of energy??" Didn't we go to the park today? Didn't they run laps (literally) around the outside of the house, in the back door, and back out the front 15 times this afternoon? The whole time with Anellah shouting, "Follow me Capper, follow me!!" But I guess those things just weren't exhausting enough.

Currently there are still pieces of food on the floor even though I vacuumed today; there are still toys on the floor even though we all did "clean up" three times today; there are still art supplies exploding from Anellah's desk because that is her version of "putting it away"; there is still a photo that has slid down and is now crooked in its frame even though it could be fixed in 3 minutes with a piece of tape, and there is still dried milk on the couch from last week that I keep forgetting to wipe up. But those things will have to wait because this Mamma is taking a moment to think about the day and all the reasons she is tired and thank God for them. Today I am blessed with two kids who can run, and jump and shout. I am thankful to live in a place where we can go to a park in shorts and tank top and play with muddy water. I am blessed with friends to suggest the park in the first place. And I am oh-so-blessed that I can be a mostly stay at home Mom with two little buggers.

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  1. I'm still looking to crack their mystical do they have so much energy? We need to teach them to worry, that'll get 'em.