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Thursday, November 21, 2013

Getting Crafty

Confession: I don't like playing with my kids...ok maybe that sounds a bit harsh. In reality it is that I try to play with them but I get bored. I get tired of always being the teacher while my student, "Buh-Nella" tells me what activity is next and I get tired of holding Capper upside down to tickle him relentlessly. I like forts...for a few minutes but then I am ready to clean the floors because sitting on the floors makes me realize how filthy they are.

I know that is is important to play with my kids and I am thankful to have the luxury of time to do it. So I've developed a compromise. With the help of Pinterest I have a stash of fun activities in my mind. When I realize that we have 30 minutes or so we can do something fun instead of me trying pacify the kids while I cook, or clean, or check my email. Ironically, I find that when I play with the kids or do activities with them before they begin attention-seeking, I am then rewarded with some time later in the day where they are happy to play by themselves or play with each other. It's almost like they need their quota of Mommy's attention for the day and then they're content.

Here are some of the activities we have been doing lately:

Thanksgiving Turkeys

Blocks- not actually a craft project but it can use some creative juices. I made the "house" on the left and Anellah was copying it perfectly!

We were sewing a table runner turned into a hat for a bit.

Anellah loves her "goo" It's the consistency of Gak. You can find a recipe here.
Glowstick Lantern

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