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Sunday, March 16, 2014

A Little Pirate Turns 5!

This past week we had a pirate-themed birthday party for Miss Anellah. She had a great time and played the part well although she is a very friendly pirate. The party was complete with costumes and treasure boxes for the kids, a balance beam to "walk the plank", a game of "pirate ball pick-up", a tattoo parlor, pirate ship hot dogs, a watermelon treasure chest of jewels (melon balls, watermelon balls, and red/green grapes), sea water (water bottles with new labels), dried seaweed snacks, Pirates Booty, and pirate ship cupcakes.

Anellah is becoming quite a hostess and seems to be inheriting some of my enjoyment of being a hostess. She absolutely loves to help in the kitchen, she enjoys getting invitations and decorations ready (cutting, gluing, etc), and serves others well at the actual event. She even helps clean up before and after! Here are some photos of the big day:

Practicing "Walking the Plank" the day before the party on the balance beam Daddy made for her
Baking Cupcakes the Day before
Here's how the pirate ships turned out.
Ahoy matey! Line up, time to pirate ship hot dogs! (Sadly all the work Anellah put in making the sails for the hot dogs and we didn't get any photos! Of them!)
6 out of the 11 pirates who attended
The wind kept blowing out her candles but Anellah had a good attitude about PRETENDING to blow them out.
Capper was absolutely exhausted by the end and, for the first time in weeks, didn't fight taking a nap.

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