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Thursday, October 30, 2014

Dreams Realized

Our future backyard
This boy loves his bike
If you have never spent time in the Pacific Northwest during the fall you are missing out on one of the most beautiful places in the world. We are here, we are home. We are feeling "settled" and beginning to meet new people with the goal of new beautiful friendships.

We are STILL waiting to apply for permits to build our house and have been hearing stories from many people about their difficult building experiences. Their stories help us realize how blessed we are to have my Dad who is a general contractor putting in so much work for us during this "pre-permitting" process. While we wait to build we have two happy goats keeping the blackberries down for us at our property. They love our almost-daily visits and it is fun to bring the kids to play in the straw and feed them kitchen scraps.

It has been glorious being near family. We get together with my parents and grandparents at least weekly for dinner and we see my parents almost everyday. Anellah tells my Mom, "Gram you are my best friend" and Capper announces, "I like Gram, she is my favorite...and Gramps too!" This weekend we are heading to Daniel's parents for a night or two, the kids are JUST as excited to spend time with them. We are also enjoying watching our children spend time with their cousins more often and get to know them better.
Meeting a troll at the pumpkin patch
We often miss having "deep"friendships, the kind that only come with time and living life together. I often get overwhelmed with the MESS of having three kids...not just three kids in a mobile home but three kids anywhere! We miss the community our church provided. We miss structure as Daniel has been off work for the two months we've lived here. It has been quite a transition but at the end of the day when we sit back we are sure that this is where we are meant to be.
Our current backyard

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