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Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Artful Ashes

The week of Anellah's birthday, a dear friend presented us with a hand-blown glass orb which contained some of Anellah's ashes. It is so beautiful and such a wonderful keepsake that I decided to have another made for my Mom for Mother's Day. The owners of Artful Ashes in Seattle are a kind and generous couple and welcomed us in to their studio to watch the new orb being made. Capper even had the opportunity to sift the ashes. Watching the orb take shape was amazing and beautiful, the artists worked with grace and skill transforming molten glass into a piece of art. The photos really don't do the experience justice!

Safety first! We all had to wear glasses, thankfully Evelyn always carries accessories!
Getting a glob of 700 degree glass
Beginning to shape the glass

Sifting the ashes

Creating the spiral

After the colors and ashes are added, it is dipped again in clear glass to seal the ashes

This graceful artists creates a perfect sphere

Cooling the glass slightly and scoring it to remove it from the pole

A simple but perfect tap allows the orb to fall off onto a soft bed. It's reheated slightly to smooth out the bottom.
Into the kiln to cool slowly over 72 hours
Finished product (again, the photo doesn't do it justice!)
If you have an interest in having your loved one's ashes memorialized in this way, visit

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