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Sunday, August 31, 2014

T minus 17 Hours

New Oakland shirts!
Boxes are packed, trips to Goodwill have been made, Craigslist sales have been completed, and moving truck is sitting on the road. I even held Evelyn and read a book for half an hour today. In true Royal fashion we are having some friends over for one last dinner in this kitchen tonight...using paper plates and borrowed silverware. The movers will be here tomorrow at 0800 and Daniel will help while they load the truck and I take the kids out to a final Oakland breakfast. I guess this means we are closing an exciting chapter of our lives and beginning a new one!

Last Sunday at our beloved church calls for fancy dresses and big yellow bows!
"Goodbye Oakland"
Testing out the Moving Truck
Spending a lot of time getting carried while Mom packs boxes
The best part of moving is finishing off the cherries from the refrigerator

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