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Thursday, August 14, 2014

Halfway Point

Evelyn is almost 2 1/2 weeks old which means we have 2 1/2 weeks until we move. Remarkably it hasn't felt like much of a scramble. In fact most "moving" preparations were on hold for the first couple weeks of Evelyn's life. We are starting to get back into the swing of planning but nothing extremely intense.
Currently we are kicked back in an armchair with the laptop
Evelyn, aka Baby Evie, aka Lil Haze, aka The Baby, is doing well. She  spends most of her day sleeping, eating, pooping, and hoping not to be forgotten. We are pretty sure she knows she is a third child since she is a little over-achiever in the realm of "good babies." She is a joy and her older siblings continue to be enamored with her.

Daniel has been taking a fair amount of time off work although he will be working this weekend (Friday, Saturday, and Sunday). It will be the first time that I am home alone with the kids since my parents were here for the first week and a half.

We are still waiting to hear back with a final offer and start date for Daniel's job in Seattle His case should be assigned this week at which point an investigator will review his paperwork and hopefully within four weeks he will have a new security clearance. Once the clearance is in place, Department of State will extend a final offer.

We have a place to live lined up in Fall City, WA and are in the process of signing lease paperwork. The house is small (2 bedroom) but we will be neighbors with my parents so the location couldn't be better! We will also be close to our property where we plan to build which will be nice and hopefully enable us to do a lot of the work ourselves.

Thinking about saying "final" goodbyes to our friends here in California is hard. We have an amazing support system (as evidenced by all the delicious dinners we've been receiving recently!) whom we will miss dearly. It is hard to imagine not spending time with the friends whom we love and who have supported us as our family has grown from the two of us to a family of five! It is also hard to imagine not being a part of their lives; knowing that our children won't grow up together. God has blessed us through relationships here and we look forward to new relationships in a new state but know we will always hold our California relationships dear.

On that note I'll leave you with a video of Capper eating popcorn like a dog while dancing (like a dog)...because it's just ridiculous.

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