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Friday, November 28, 2014

Forward Momentum

We are finally able to move forward with the next step in the permitting process for our future home! You see, our property will need a well and a septic system but the majority of the property is a "wetland" which means it is protected space and cannot be used.
It's not called "wetland" for nothing, these are floodwaters
There is currently a well our property but it feeds the neighbor's house (Site B) as originally their house was the farmhouse for the farm we now own a piece of. We have been waiting for THEIR neighbor's property (Site C) to be sold so that we can make arrangements to have a well drilled on Site B and therefore have our own well on our own property. Drilling a well on Site B, however, will encroach on Site C meaning that they cannot drill a well in the corner of their property since the two wells would then be too close together. Long story short, Site C sold a few months ago and the owner has agreed to sign a well covenant stating it is alright for Site B's well to slightly encroach on his land. We can now bring this to the county and propose that we have our own well, site B has their own well, and site C will be ok with the situation!

Phew! We are nowhere new having actual permits but this has been a step we have been waiting for for almost a year.

In the meantime we're making sure the goats are comfortable, doing a bit of landscaping (aka burying huge rocks), and enjoying our lakefront property during this time of flooding.
Capper was MORE than thrilled to help with excavating!

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