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Thursday, February 12, 2015

Room to Grow

I haven't been spending very much time writing blog posts lately...although ideas float around in my head. The reason- I have three kids. I guess I didn't really expect three to be much different than two. But it has proven to be quite a bit different. Of course some of the difficulty I'm having stems from the fact that I'm on the 6th month of sleep deprivation...but we're working on that!

Despite all the "busyness" of having a house full of kids ALL day, EVERY day I'm still trying to live joyfully and obediently to God. A lot of times that looks like a zillion quick pra
yers throughout the day of, "God help me to have grace...patience...wisdom...compassion...etc." I'm not doing a fantastic job but I'm doing my best. And I know once sleep becomes more consistent I'll feel a little more sane.

In the meantime I know that God is stretching and growing me by leaps and bounds. It's during the struggles that I can choose to either become bitter and shirk away or sink my roots down deep and GROW.

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