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Friday, February 27, 2015

Bright faces bright and early at the hospital
The endoscopy that Anellah had last week went well. She still has trouble waking up from anesthesia. Not that she can't be aroused but rather that she hates the feeling of being so out of control and becomes upset and combative. That piece is difficult because it's hard to console her but I am hoping that as she becomes older and we can talk about this feeling ahead of time and make a plan for it, the process will become more smooth.

The results of the endoscopy were decent. She had a few more varices (we were hoping for none) however the doctor did not seem concerned as they were not worse than before. He plans to do another endoscopy in one month (April 17th). We did not have to stay overnight in the hospital although we were there from 6am until after 7pm. Coming home to sleep in our own beds, however, was a great relief! I am also thankful that thus far we have been able to schedule all endoscopies on Fridays when Anellah doesn't have school so she has not missed a single day due to these procedures!
Getting ear impressions so her hearing aids can be made
Earlier this week Anellah also was fitted for hearing aids. There has been some mild concern about her hearing since birth. We are not sure if it has gotten a bit worse or if the issue is just more evident now that she is in school but it has become clear that some hearing aids would be helpful. She has been wanting braces for her teeth for some time so I told her that hearing aids are braces for her ears. So far she has bought it. She chose purple glittery aids.

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