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Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Overdue Update

Wow, so much has changed since my last post! I've completely been neglecting you guys!

First of all, Capper and Sweetie have definitely turned a corner. They still have their share of squabbles but they also play REALLY WELL together! I actually have extra time some days because they play together so much. The mess is bigger but it's worth it for the entertainment! Sweetie definitely had a case of "school envy" every time Capper went to preschool so we actually decided to withdraw Capper. He has so much fun with her that he was starting to feel ambivalent about school anyway. He loves preschool but he also didn't want to stop whatever imaginary game they were playing at the moment.

Another reason we decided to withdraw Capper is that we found out Sweetie will be living with us for another six months. We're happy because she and Capper are such good friends but it will make the goodbye even harder. It already feels like she is part of the family.

In house news, we FINALLY took a step forward with the county as far as permitting for our house build!! One issue with our property is that it already has a well on it but the well feeds the neighbor's home. The location of that well meant we didn't have room for our house, another well, a septic system, and a back up septic location. Each of these things need to be a minimum distance from each other, from the road, and from the surrounding stream/wetlands. We made one proposal to move the well about a year ago but that was denied. Since that time we worked to create another proposal and submit it this past December. On Friday we were finally notified that our second proposal was accepted!! I think the next step is to apply for our own well and septic design. Then we can apply for building permits. Yippee, we're finally moving forward!!

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