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Friday, February 5, 2016

Growing (Hopefully with Grace)

I'm afraid to type this...for fear they will somehow know...but the 4's are getting along and PLAYING together! We had a honeymoon period for the first 48 hours that Sweetie was here, following that period though it has felt like incessant arguing, tattling, bickering, and complaining from both Capper and Sweetie. Of course there is so much I am thankful for! I am thankful and excited that both Capper and Sweetie have an opportunity to learn to share, compromise, and ignore a peer when appropriate. I am thankful that I am being stretched and learning a whole lot about when to mediate and when to let them battle it out. And I am thankful that our Bible study recently focused on how, after Jesus performed healings and other miracles, he stepped away and refueled with God. I am so thankful for that example because without that refueling I would be running on empty around here.

I am also very thankful that Sweetie has been feeling more comfortable here. Bedtimes have gotten easier and she is less fearful in the night. Last night she didn't wake up and didn't have any bad dreams!!

I was able to talk to her social worker this past week and there is a family member who hopes to adopt Sweetie. Right now we are thinking she will be with us for a month or two, but in the foster care world that doesn't mean a whole lot. Rarely do plans go according to plan.

Thanks for keeping us in your thoughts and prayers, we're excited for this adventure and enjoying everything we are learning. Sweetie is a great addition to the family, regardless of how long she is here!

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