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Tuesday, September 6, 2016

"The goal of this blog is to allow others to share our journey of an expanding family and to ask for prayer as others share in this journey." In hindsight I probably should have written "our changing family" or something like that. Because in the last 6 years our family has grown, and shrunk, and grown again. And one day it will shrink again. But does it really shrink? The members of our family will always have their place, their unique personalities and roles, even when they are no longer physically present, their presence will forever be felt. There has been movement on Sweetie's transition, I won't be surprised if she moves by the end of this year. I also won't be surprised if she still lives with us a year from now. That is how "the system" works. 

We don't talk to her about each small progression. She knows she will move "someday" and that God only knows when that will be. Bringing up small milestones will be too anxiety provoking. For now she is in preschool here. She makes plans for her birthday (which isn't until December) and she continues to grow up. The little girl who came to live with us in January has definitely grown into a big girl. From not knowing how to dress herself to being a very independent 4 year old with strong opinions about what to wear each day! The little girl who couldn't use scissors or draw now makes beautiful art. The little girl who couldn't run across the yard can now keep up with Capper. The little girl who used to wake up with nightmares multiple times every night is now our best sleeper!! This girl has also memorized Bible verses at our AWANA program and can tell us all about how "God made me to love" and "God made me to help others" from Sunday School. We are praying that these little seeds will remain in her heart and blossom into the beautiful young lady she will be someday!
First Day of Preschool

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  1. What a mutual gift you are to Sweetie and she is to you! Wow. Love reading about your "changing family". Miss you all! -Katie :)