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Thursday, October 6, 2016


This is it! This is the moment we have been waiting for. The moment we hoped for since before Capper was born. The moment when I can finally announce, "WE HAVE BROKEN GROUND!" After years of planning and months of prep work, our building permit was released on Monday! So here we go, it's going to be a busy year but by next fall we will be living in the house we built! Or rather the house we paid to have built but did a few things here and there. Either way, it's exciting!
The easier way to remove a tree
My Dad in the excavator, Daniel in the tractor. Clearing the land!
I can't believe how different things look in just one week. The footings will be poured tomorrow and it's not a day too soon. The ground water has already started to come up and is within inches of being at the level of our footings. If we had a few large rains we would have to wait until spring to pour.
Yes, those are my amazing parents. 
Almost ready for concrete

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