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Tuesday, January 31, 2017


I found this draft post from over a year ago, it's too sweet not to post!

"Look Mom! I can break my cookie into a bunch of pieces!" "Oh Capper, please don't, it'll make a mess." "But how will I share if I only have one cookie?" "Here you go Evelyn, a piece for you, and a piece for Bennett, and here Mom, here's your piece" crunching on his own. "Oh buddy" heart swells, catching in my throat, "it's ok, you can eat my piece." Looking at cookie, thinking, "huh, ok here Bennett I guess you get two, mine was bigger."

What!?! Where do these things come from?? This little soul, this little one who has almost been around four years knows how to live with a generous heart. Will he lose it some day? How do we harbor it?

This was far from the first time his generosity knocked my socks off. He is kind and thoughtful, so much more thoughtful than I'd ever expect a three year old to be. He will see someone struggling or see a door that needs to be opened and run to help! What a heart!

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