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Thursday, January 26, 2017

House Progress January 2017

This isn't a DIY so you aren't getting the current picture first!

It's already been a long road just getting the permit so every bit of visible progress is awesome!  The house is finished being framed out as of yesterday and the plumber will be starting work this week.  In the next couple of weeks we should have a roof, windows, and the garage will be started.  We've been staring at the plans for years and it's amazing to be inside the structure and see the plans take form.  We're very thankful for Gramps' attention to detail and oversight!

8/7/16- Blackberries are removed and silt fence is installed.  Well driller in the background.

10/27/16- Foundation is dug and poured.

12/6/16- Posts, floor joists and sub floor completed for the first floor.

12/30/16- Ridge beam and framing coming along.

1/2/17- First and (hopefully) last snow fall in the house. (Evelyn did her own hair...)

1/25/17- Framing done!

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