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Saturday, June 7, 2014


Cooking a few weeks ago with everyone in matching aprons, including Bunny.
Capper's cooking apparel today
I didn't get much sleep last night. I did sleep from 6am-8am since somehow the kids decided to sleep until 8:00 but that was the longest stretch. It was a "bad blood sugar night," or as I accidentally emailed Daniel at 3am, a "beef blood sugar night." It makes me thankful that we have been having MUCH fewer nights like that and in fact they've become quite rare.

So this morning when the kids got up I hadn't prepared anything for our usual "Special Saturday" breakfast, plus it needed to be something somewhat low carb due to the night-time blood sugar struggles. I couldn't convince Anellah that she wanted bacon and sausage but then I saw some over-ripe bananas on the shelf and coconut flour in the refrigerator. We proceeded to make coconut-flour banana pancakes and scrambled eggs together, the kids taking turns helping with the steps measuring, pouring, mashing, and stirring. 

I let them pour their own pancake batter on the griddle...some would say that's dangerous.

While I was finishing up cooking pancakes they seated themselves at the big table and enjoyed spreading their own butter/almond butter and cutting their own pancakes. And sitting in whatever chair they chose. Pretty much it was one of their most fun breakfast times ever.

So now there is flour on the counter and salt on the floor, there is batter dripped all over the stovetop, there is almond butter in the butter dish, the existing butter is all smashed, there is food on the floor, there are crumbs and drips on the table, there's a fork under the table too far for me to reach with my big belly (I forgot to have Capper grab it before they escaped to play), there are plenty of dirty forks, knives, and dishes, and there are some banana peels hanging off the edge of the garbage can that didn't quite make it all the way in.But my kids are happy, and they ate a nutritious breakfast, they had a BLAST being "big," and they are upstairs playing together with pretend food while I finish up my cup of coffee and chill on the computer for a few minutes. I'd say the morning was a success. And I should be able to clean up quickly as long as I don't have any "help" from littles.

I guess pouring batter isn't the only dangerous thing we do in the kitchen, do you think this stool was made for three?

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  1. I don't think the stool was made for four...