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Monday, June 9, 2014

Capper's Quick Surgery

Daniel and Capper arrived at Children's Hospital Oakland this morning at 6:30am for his surgery. I wanted to bring him but Daniel and I agreed that I should stay home to get Anellah ready for school and get a few things done this morning.
Posing in his hospital gown. Note the continuous drool on his chin, hopefully our future holds some DRY shirts.

Capper was sleepy but had a good attitude about the entire process. Daniel told the nurses who were impressed by his good nature that it was Anellah who deserved the credit in teaching him how to be happy while hospitalized.

The surgery went well. His doctor removed adenoids, removed tonsils, and placed tubes in his ears. According to Daniel's version of the post-op update, "his nose was completely blocked by his adenoids and his tonsils were huge, and he had a ton of thick mucous behind his eardrum." So it's good they did the surgery and I am sure after the initial recovery period he will be feeling MUCH better.

Within 2 1/2 hours Capper was awake, happy, talking, eating, and drinking so he was discharged MUCH earlier than planned. We had hoped for discharge this evening knowing could be tomorrow considering his age. Yet he was discharged at noon! He is pretty hilarious still considering he is dopey from the anesthesia and morphine along with having a voice that sounds like he has been sucking helium. We can't help but laugh when he talks.

The only down-side to such an expedient discharge is that Anellah was really looking forward to visiting him in the hospital. Instead we had a good time looking at old pictures of her from her surgery back in 2011. Her surgery was much more serious and required a much longer recovery but she still looks on it fondly and loves seeing photos of herself.
Happy to be home and having a popsicle party!
Thank you all for your prayers today!

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