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Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Happy Birthday Evelyn!

Evelyn (my maternal great grandmother) Hazel (Lindsey's paternal great grandmother's name) Royal was welcomed into the world of air-breathing creatures on July 29th at 1:41AM.

After a slight roller coaster ride during the day wherein, during Lindsey's weekly appointment, the doctor was concerned that the baby was breech or transverse.  Our day ended knowing that she was head down so we collected our kids, were relieved a mandatory c-section wasn't in order, and headed home.

By 10PM on July 28th everyone in the house was fast asleep, with the exception of Lindsey who was experiencing increasingly strong contractions.  At midnight I was awoken into a confused stupor by an extremely pregnant wife  (who had agreed to let me sleep all night if possible).  After she explained to me a few times that it wasn't time for me to go to work I managed to slip into a time-sensitive reality.

Lindsey had progressed rapidly and our friend, Nicole, was on her way to relieve us of our sleeping "angels".  We made it to the hospital, passed multiple unconcerned employees, up three stories, and to the nursing station where Lindsey collapsed in pain which finally prompted a response.   In Room 24 (where Capper made his first appearance) Lindsey's water broke at 1:17.  At 1:41 Evelyn Hazel arrived.

There hadn't been time for admission, drugs, or even pleasantries.  Luckily her doctor must live close by, because she made it five minutes before the grand finale!

17 hours after we arrived at the hospital we were all home (because Lindsey is excessively resilient and strong willed). Anellah and Capper are in love, Anellah especially is extremely enamored and concerned with "Baby Sister's" every need and desire.

Our Family of Happy and Healthy Monsters
And since you all want a video of a baby doing you go!

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