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Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Back to Reality

We had a great time in California at Anellah's second service. It was a special weekend of catching up with good friends and celebrating Anellah's life. Anellah's biological family was able to attend too. The event was so powerful and peaceful. As with her service in Washington, it was perfect.

Of course, another bounce house!
Anellah's Moms
After the service we spent Memorial Day weekend at a family camp with our former church family. It was an event we've attended every year since before Anellah came to live with us so it was such a blessing to be able to attend again! We thoroughly enjoyed being with friends and allowing the kids to play ALL DAY with their California buddies.

Last week we started to find our new groove. All services for Anellah are over and now we're settling in to our new normal. It's interesting because I feel like a "real" stay at home Mom now, just focused on our two kids and living life. No doctors appointments to coordinate and follow up, no prescriptions to refill, no insurance to deal with. So much of what I spent my time doing is no longer necessary. In some ways I feel like I have less time since Capper's playmate is no longer around but I'm trying to make sure he has time with other kids so I don't get burned out being a "playmate." Of course, we're still staying plenty busy but I think we are settling in well. The last two months have really helped us to focus on the importance of family and spending quality time together.

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