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Wednesday, January 27, 2016

The Exchange

Well, the meatballs I planned to make for dinner may never get made, we were busy driving to Starbucks at rush hour instead to meet Sweetie (not her real name, obviously). She had fallen asleep in her social worker's car and was NOT interested in waking up when we arrived. It was a strange experience, signing papers in the rain, loading a couple of bags, and taking a child. I wonder what he thought, the man carrying a gas can who had asked for money to fill his tank. Did he continue to watch? Did he know what was happening?

She hardly said a word as I buckled her in our van. But as I pulled out of the parking lot, Capper initiated, "What's your name again?" and that started one of the most adorable conversations ever conducted! I wish I could have recorded their sweet banter as they chattered the whole way home.

The evening was fun, we skipped AWANA so Sweetie could have some time to adjust. It's clear she has been loved and cared for, we don't know her past  story (and won't be sharing it when we do learn it) but I am thankful we get to be part of her current story. As for her future, only God knows how long she will be in our home but we will love her as long as she is with us.


  1. I love your hearts. Prayers for that sweet girl, and you all. <3

  2. Loved the picture you painted! Blessings to you all as Sweetie adjusts to your gracious, beautiful family life. XOXO

  3. I'm so happy for Sweetie. You guys are a hella rad family.