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Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Home Already!

The surgery went extremely smoothly and I was surprised to discover we didn't have to stay overnight! In fact, we were home for the afternoon and I even took a nap. In fact, everyone in the family except the surgery patient took a nap today. Anellah and I came home to discover this.

Waking up from anesthesia was hard and scary for Anellah but the nurses were able to give her morphine to sedate her again and she woke up calm the second time around. Whereas the first time Anellah was screaming that she wanted to go home and prying at her IV to remove it, when she woke up the second time she said she wanted to stay in the hospital and would not part with her IV. I had to bribe her to let the nurse take the IV out by telling her she couldn't ride in a wheelchair until it was removed.

We had talked about the bandage she would have on her head but, since the procedure was done by a plastic surgeon who is pretty concerned about aesthetics, she doesn't even have one!! He said he didn't want to wrap her whole head so just didn't put a bandage on at all. Instead the incision and sutures are covered with clear glue called Dermabond.

Upon returning home Anellah made sure I remembered my promises that people who have surgery get to eat lots of special treats and watch TV as much as they want. First request was rainbow pancakes followed by a popsicle.
Kicked back playing LeapPad in between TV shows
She seemed to feel well most of the day once home though she did complain of some pain in the early evening. Ibuprofen did the trick and she is back to herself now pretending to make a nest out of blankets and telling me she is, "a girl named Tom."
Time for a tea party!

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