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Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Surgery Green Light!

Looking at my posts it is strange to think that my biggest concern before surgeries is that they will actually happen. I'm becoming more and more convinced that anyone with a medically complex child can relate to this stress but I assume looking at it from a typical parents perspective, it seems a bit superficial. Don't I care about how the surgery goes? Don't I care about recovery? Yes, I do, but ironically those factors feel a little more predictable to me.

Despite arriving at the hospital before 6:00am just to run around to multiple locations since nobody seemed to know what we were supposed to be doing (remember, nothing is straight forward when it comes to Anellah's medical care) Anellah is finally in surgery as I type.

As I mentioned on July 5th, this should be a relatively simple procedure. Just a small incision on her scalp, removal of a titanium plate (I said screw before but that was wrong), and stitch back up. I was under the impression she would not be staying overnight although last week at her pre-op appointments I was told she would be. I'll know soon which is true!

Anellah's hematologist (blood doctor) has been wanting to do a study of her bone marrow to ensure that her low blood component levels are, as we assume, related to her liver rather than a problem with production. It wasn't urgent enough to warrant its own anesthesia so we were able to add this quick procedure on to today's schedule. I am very thankful her hematologist brought this up yesterday and although this last minute addition was part of the reason we had to wait an extra hour before going to the operating room, waiting an hour is definitely better than another hospital admission for this simple test.
In preparation for surgery we bought a couple extra LeapPad games.

So now let's get to the good stuff. Anellah, despite all of our running back and forth, has been in a great mood which makes everything 50 times easier! She hustled from place to place and kept saying, "I'm ready for my poke!" when we were trying to get to the lab to get her blood drawn this morning. She has her special bunny with her and performed all sorts of tests on bunny this morning while we were waiting in the pre-op area. You will be happy to know that bunny's blood pressure, temperature, and oxygen level are all within normal limits. :) Also Bunny did not cry when she had her poke. When it was time to head to the Operating Room Anellah pranced right in with her bunny in her arm saying hello to the doctors and nurses.
Bunny's turn to be the patient!
And while Anellah and I are here, Capper is driving a ferry through San Francisco Bay.

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