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Thursday, July 10, 2014

Surgery In 5 Days

I have to start by saying that I had a massage today! It was glorious! We spent the morning preparing for Anellah's surgery then after a quick car-nap (for Capper, not myself) I was able to meet up with a friend who watched the kids for me while I went to a massage appointment. I had had what felt like never-ending "fails" in the morning (forgot my wallet, dumped a whole water bottle in my purse, spilled my smoothie down my shirt, etc. etc.) so some alone time was definitely nice!

Although it took a bit of stubbornness on my part and I'm sure some grace on God's part; I was able to schedule all of Anellah's pre-op appointments for today which was a relief! The surgeon wanted Anellah to see her pediatrician in preparation for the surgery but unfortunately she is out of town until the end of the month. We were able to see another doctor and as long as things continue to come together (insurance authorizations, she doesn't get sick, and the anesthesiologists don't have any last minute concerns about her abnormal bloodwork) then we will be able to move forward with the surgery! The surgery shouldn't last more than an hour and she will likely stay overnight to be monitored.

We have reserved a moving truck and movers to load the truck for us. Soon we will reserve movers for the unloading, we just have to figure out where exactly the unloading will take place as we don't have a place to live yet. We also don't have a start date for Daniel's job and unfortunately the Security Clearance process has been delayed due to the shipping company losing his documents which were supposed to be overnighted. We're trusting that God knows what he is doing as far as timing, but even if Daniel is unable to begin work in mid-September the kids and I will still move the end of August so that Anellah can start school on time.

I haven't worked much on the transfer of medical care/insurances pieces yet but it is helpful that the surgery is taking place this month and her one appointment which was scheduled for August has been changed to July so this means we can have August be the month in which she is "uninsured."

Capper and Anellah continue to roll with the punches whether that means spending the day at home all day (yesterday) or getting up early to spend a long day in waiting rooms and with doctors (today). They are full of energy and joy and LOVE spending time together. In the morning Capper gets up before Anellah and after being up for a bit always asks, "Can I wake 'Nellah up now?" When Capper takes his afternoon nap Anellah will watch her Netflix show (if she earned one) and as soon as it is over asks, "Is it time for me to wake up Capper?" If anyone else goes to get him she is pretty disappointed. 

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