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Wednesday, January 27, 2016

First Placement

Making her a sign while we wait
Oh yes, now I remember. Dealing with the social work system is a whole lot of hurry up and wait!! It felt like forever that we've been assembling paperwork and applying for our foster family home license. On Friday we were told it was granted...then we waited the weekend to hear more. On Monday (right after the last post) a placement worker called but she was easily confused and pretty unorganized so she said she would call back. I waited. She didn't call back Monday, or Tuesday, or this morning...but this afternoon she called again. And within an hour I had a placement letter in my inbox...I guess this means we're getting a child in our home tonight.

What seemed like forever (really only an hour or so) I had another call from the child's social worker saying he was getting her stuff together and he'd be heading out in 15 minutes or so..."Oh! Ok! So I guess I'll see you then." Of course I was late picking Capper up from preschool (I wish I could say it was the first time) and soon we'll meet a little 4 year old girl who needs a home for a month or two.

Let the Royal Expansion Adventure continue!!

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  1. God bless you Lindsey! You are an awesome woman with a great big tender loving heart! I so enjoy reading your blog posts. Here we go again eh? The Royal family grows and even if temporarily - increases and decreases, in God's plan, in God's hands..... Thanks and hugs to you all. Sandy :)