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Sunday, January 10, 2016

Our future back yard
These two are enjoying the property until we can move in.
"Did you say you were building a house?" Well, yes, kind of...hoping to build one at least! After lots of pricey consultations and land studies we have yet another proposal in to the health department for a well and septic system layout. Thanks to our INCREDIBLE General Contractor (thanks Dad!) we might actually be moving forward. If you are wondering why it is taking so long, I don't have an answer, I can just tell you to ask anyone else who has tried to build in King County in the last 20 years...maybe they have an explanation for why the county is so difficult, but I doubt it! We're praying this proposal gets approved at which point we'll apply for building permits! Yay!

We have finished the homestudy process for foster care. The social worker has come out to our house for her required two homestudy visits and has looked inside every cabinet and closet.  Back to living in a fishbowl, once you're a foster parent nothing is private! We've signed agreements about supervision and following the licensing rules and agreeing to only let one kid  trampoline at a time (initially we were told no trampoline for foster kids but we convinced her to make an exception). Our social worker has asked us a million questions (maybe only a hundred but it seems like a lot!) and she is writing up the homestudy document. Once the document is written we will review it, after that she will submit our entire packet for approval.

I'll keep you updated if we have progress in either of these areas!

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