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Monday, April 13, 2015

A New Week

I've got a feeling this week is going to be a little less exciting than last.
Last week started with me and a stomach flu. That combined with both big kids coming down with a cold resulted in canceling a trip to visit my friend in Oregon which I'd been looking forward to for months. Next came a cycle of literally CONSTANTLY having someone in the house asleep. Evelyn would go down for a morning nap as Anellah was waking up and then someone else would nap as Evelyn was getting up. It sounds nice but I was feeling a little stir crazy. Then there were the flames in the microwave which erupted from Capper heating a cookie...What was I doing instead of watching him? Oh, just getting the goats off the porch! Of course what happened next is already narrated on this blog- calling 911, riding in an ambulance all the way to Seattle, hospitalization, medical procedures, ICU stay, birth of a goat (with only Daniel to be there and take care of that situation while taking care of a wild preschooler and a baby who had never been away from Mom for more than 5 hours), living indefinitely in a hospital...Things are DEFINITELY going to be less exciting this week!

Today has been pretty laid back. Anellah and I got up around 8am after having a relatively good sleep...although we did have a midnight session of Curious George and Popsicle eating since she was finally allowed to have clear liquids. Other than that we were only awake for blood sugar checks and vital signs every couple hours.

This morning provided the usual rounds of plenty of doctors. The best part being an order for her IV medication to be stopped and authorization to eat soft foods!! She is a happy camper now that she can eat!

Her usual liver doctor is back today and had already discussed plans with the surgeon. He agreed that the less invasive procedure called a "TIPS" procedure will be performed. She won't have full blown surgery at this time. It is likely that she will have the procedure during this admission so I think we will be here until the weekend. That is better than going home only to come back for a full week if the larger surgery was still the plan!

Anellah is excited because Grandpa is coming to stay tonight! I am excited to kiss my bug guy, hug my little guy, nurse my little girl, and pet my baby goat this evening!

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