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Monday, April 13, 2015

TIPS Tomorrow

Hello, just a quick update:

I found out this afternoon that Anellah will be having her procedure tomorrow. It's not considered "surgery" because, thankfully, she can have a type that is done through blood vessels in the neck or groin rather than an open incision (like a heart cath). Hopefully she will have it at 8:00am but it may have to wait until later in the day if the Operating Room is too busy since this was just scheduled today. The procedure will take from 3-6 hours so she will be in the surgery area from around 7:30am-noon or 3:00pm.

In preparation Anellah had an echocardiogram and a CT scan this evening. And if course, she will be back to "nothing by mouth" until after the procedure...she's not so happy about this.

We ended up staying in the ICU tonight rather than moving to a room for one night since she will be back here tomorrow night. We expect to be in the hospital about another week.

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