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Friday, April 17, 2015

Marked Improvement

Over the past week there have been a lot of ups and downs. We never really knew if things were getting better or worse. The last 24 hours have been different though, Anellah has been showing continuous improvement. She has moved from miserable to calm-but-exhausted to just-a-bit-tired. It is so good to have her smile and her appetite back. I think she is trying to make up for missed meals because she has been eating a full meal in the middle of the night for the last couple of nights.

She has had a fever off and on since the procedure and has also had some mild issues with her breathing. Everything else is looking great though so if we can sort out those concerns we will likely leave earlier than planned. We MAY even be discharged today although I'm not allowing myself to get my hopes up too much.

Thanks for your prayers!

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