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Saturday, April 25, 2015


We will celebrate Anellah's life on May 9th in Fall City and May 22nd in Oakland. Time and specific locations are to be determined.

In lieu of flowers, Anellah would be honored to know friends are supporting other children through the gifts of ducks, chickens, and goats. Here is a link to her memorial fund:

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  1. My little girl, Lindsey, has grown up to be one of the most caring, compassionate and capable people I know. God has planned and arranged her life as He explained in Jeremiah 29:11. Part of that plan, I believe, was to raise up a young man to be a life partner for her, a husband who is, unquestionably, equally caring, compassionate and capable.
    Together they embarked on a mission to impact the lives of people around them. God blessed them with three helpers in this mission, Anellah, Capper and Evelyn. Although I can’t reach out and hug Anellah for a season as I can the rest, she remains to be a very important part of that team.
    Daniel, Lindsey, Anellah, Capper, and Evelyn, I am so proud of you and am blessed to have you as part of my family.
    Dad G/Gramps