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Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Back In ICU

I don't want to write a blog post because I'm not really sure what to say. And I don't want to write the truth. But the truth is, Anellah was discharged on Saturday. Sunday we focused on trying to figure out where we had left "normal life." By Monday Anellah was starting to show some confusion and clumsiness, signs that the liver is not filtering toxins out of her blood. We increased her medication and by yesterday we where giving it every hour. The doctor and I agreed to treat Anellah at home since treatment at the hospital would be exactly the same. She had a brief period of improvement last night but then continued to decline. She was not very aware of what is going on but I was able to get her to swallow some medication until today. At the point that she could no longer take the medication in, she and I came back to the hospital to get a feeding tube in order to get medication in her.

Anellah is now getting plenty of attention from ICU doctors and nurses. One of her liver doctors was here too, it feels discouraging and sad to see Anellah like this. She is not really responsive and is hooked up to plenty of tubes and monitors. She doesn't seem comfortable but hopefully once all the medical staff are done bothering her, she will be able to relax.

I wish I had better news and could answer the questions you have such as next steps and prognosis but we really don't know much at this time.


  1. Praying for you all, especially Anellah.

  2. Continuing to pray for you all Lindsey. You are such a brave, courageous, wise and loving Mommy. Believing that Anellah will feel your love, and God's strong arms around her, and pull through with flying colors. <3
    Take care - love and prayers - Sandy